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Mycoderm 15g spray

Application Instruction 



Drug form: An aerosol spray for external use.

Description: transparent yellowish solution with specific odor.


Resorcinol - 0,0696 g;

Boric acid - 0,00696 g;

Carbolic acid - 0,0348 g.


Auxiliary substances:

Polyester amide - 1,05 g;

96% ethyl alcohol - to 15 g.

Pharmacological group: Antimycotic and antiseptic use.


Pharmacological operation:

"MYCODERM" is a combination of the anti-fungal medication "Kastelan" and a biodegradable polymer (polyesteramide) which together provide an antiseptic, antimycotic (anti-fungal) properties.

Carbolic acid, Resorcinol and Boric acid produce the antimicrobial and fungicidal action of the preparation.

 "MYCODERM" contains polymer-polyesteramide - the biodegrading and biocompatible admixture which breaks down into amino acids in the organism. After spraying the preparation on the surface of the organism and upon alcohol evaporation, a polyesteramide film is formed. The polymer film tightly adheres to the surface .While functioning as an bacteriocide it concurrently accelerates tissue regeneration, epithelization processes of damaged tissues and relieves itching.  The biodegradation of the polyesteramide gradually elutes the active ingredients of "MYCODERM".. Convergent action of medication and polyesteramide means having antimycotic and bactericidal operation causes a steady total, prolonged therapeutic effect.


Pharmacokinetics: After absorption, phenolic admixtures biodegrade into harmless, water-soluble admixtures under the influence of liver enzyme systems. Soluble metabolites are excreted from the organism through kidneys.


Mycoses:  keratomycosis, dermatomycosis, onychomycosis (fungal nail infection ), candidiasis.



  • Hypersensibility toward the components into preparation.
  • Chronic allergic dermatosis.
  • Phenylketonuria (preparation contains phenylalanine);
  • Moderate or expressed infringements of function of a liver or kidneys.

Pregnancy and the lactation period:

Application of a preparation during pregnancy and lactation isn't recommended.


At time of application on a mucous membrane the preparation can cause feeling of burning, skin irritation; however these sensations are short-term and disappear in some seconds after alcohol evaporation.

In case of long-term use of preparation there may develop dermatitis and local allergic reactions.


Order of application and dosage:

Spraying of a solution from aerosol container on the damaged area is carried out once a day (it is desirable after bathing).

After hygienic processing of the damaged zone it is necessary to sprinkle the preparation repeatedly (in the course of treatment the damaged place should be constantly covered by medical cover of "MYCODERM"). Duration of treatment course 1 - 2 weeks.

Duration of treatment course should be made individually and proceed until absolute recovery of the patient.

Overdose: It is not revealed.


Operation of vehicles and machinery:

The preparation doesn't operate on ability of driving vehicles and works with moving mechanisms. 

Production form:

Primary packing: 15 g solution in polyethylene containers, equipped with the 30 ml spraying bottle.

Secondary packing: the Cylinder is located in a cardboard box together with the instruction.

Shelf Life: 2 years.

Order of issue: Pharmaceutical products group III - is issued without doctor's prescription.

Storage conditions: Store at room temperature in a dark place, inaccessible for children.

Manufacturer:"Neopharmi" LTD for "Polymerpharm".

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