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Fluconazol neo 50mg #10 Caps
Antifungal remedy

Dosage form: capsules.
• 400 mg, then - 200 mg daily. And the lack of clinical effect of the dose should be increased to 400 mg per day. The duration of treatment depends on the clinical effect.
• oropharyngeal candidiasis: 50-100mg 1 times a day for 7-14 days. Imunitetdakveitebul patients required more prolonged treatment.
• prevention of orop.haryngeal candidiasis in patients with AIDS: After finishing the entire course of treatment, 100-150 mg 1 time a week.
• the oral atrophic candidiasis (associated with wearing dentures): 50 mg / day for 14 days, must be carried out in parallel processing dentures antiseptic solution.
• ezopagealuri candidiasis, non-invasive bronchopulmonary infections, candiduria, mucosal candidiasis aravaginaluri: 50-100 mg / day for 14 - 30 days./
• Vaginal candidiasis: 150 mg as a single dose.
• In order to reduce the recurrence prevention of vaginal candidiasis: 150 mg of 1-times. The treatment duration is individual - 4-12 months or more.
• balanitis: 150 mg in a single dose.
• candidiasis prevention: 50 - 400 mg single dose according to the degree of risk of fungal infection. Generalized infection in high-risk patients, for example, has been long anticipated or existing neutropenia: 400 mg daily dose. This should start several days before the expected neutropenia, neutrophil count continues 1000 / microliters of the increase and then a further 7 days.
• skin candidiasis and mycosis, among them, the ankle, the skin of the thigh of 150 mg 1 time a week or 50 mg / day for 2-4 weeks. Mycosis ankle during treatment preferably up to 6 weeks.
• Exfoliator lichens: 300 mg 1 times a week for 2-3 weeks. Some patients have been sufficient for a single dose of 300-400. An alternative scheme of treatment: 50 mg / day for 2-4 weeks.
• onychomicosis: 150 mg 1 time per week. The treatment lasts until sunrise uninfected nail. Usually, it takes 3-6 months to renew his finger nails and toes - in 6-12 months.
• deep endemic mycosis: 200 - 400 mg / day. Treatment can last up to 2 years. Duration of therapy is individual: Coccidioidomycosis may comprise 11-24 months, paracoccidioidomycosis - 2-17 months, Sporotrichosis time - 1-16 months and histoplasmosis time - 3-17 months.
Children: The dosage and duration of treatment depends on the individual and the clinical and mycological effects. Daily dose should not exceed adult dose. Received daily 1 times a day.
• mucosal candidiasis: The recommended dose of 3 mg / kg per day. The equilibrium concentration in order to achieve faster loading dose may be administered on the first day - 6 mg / kg.
• generalized candidiasis and cryptococcal infection 6-12mg / kg according to the severity of the disease.
• imunitetdakveitebul fungal infections in children, the development of neutropenia, which are undergoing cytotoxic chemicals or radiation therapy: 3-12 mg / kg per day.
• renal impairment, the dose fluconazole reduced the quality of the human kidney.
Normal renal function in case of usual dosage.
Renal insufficiency (creatinine clearance 50 ml / min) dose adjustment is needed: the appointment of a single dose is not reduced, and the repeated administration of 50 mg loading dose to be administered to 400 mg. If creatinine clearance 50 mL / min more than usual dose (100% of the recommended dose). If creatinine clearance ranging from 11-50ml / min within - 50% of the administered dose. Regular dialysis, hemodialysis session after each prescribed drug in a single dose.
Special instructions:
Fluconazole be used with caution in liver and kidney dysfunction. In this case, the treatment should be under a doctor's supervision.
Superficial fungal infections in patients with a rash of cases, which is related to the adoption of fluconazole, the drug should be discontinued.
Rash in patients with invasive / systemic fungal infections, as well as the development of bullous erythema mnogoformnaya fluconazole or changes need to be removed.
The drug is not prescribed for children aged between 1 and 16 years - will be appointed if necessary.
Caution should be exercised with fluconazole tsizaprid, astemizolom, the concomitant use of rifabutin and other drugs that are metabolized by cytochrome P450 system.
Pregnancy and lactation:
Use of the drug during pregnancy is possible only in the case when the expected advantage of treatment for mother exceeds the potential risk to the fetus.
During treatment should stop breastfeeding.
Drug Interactions:
Concurrent use of warfarin and other anticoagulants, and intensifies the therapeutic effect of the latter.
Hydrochlorothiazide, and other diuretics are receiving fluconazole may increase the plasma concentration.
With the use of rifampin AU-C reduction of 25% and 20% reduction in the plasma half-life of fluconazole, so patients who are concurrently receiving rifampicin, it is recommended to increase the dose of fluconazole.
Fluconazole combination of oral hypoglycemic drugs (klorpropamidi, glibenkamidi, glipizidi) may lead to hypoglycaemia.
Together with theofilin increases in the latter half and increases the risk of toxic effects.
Zidovudine combination marked increase in the concentration of the latter, due to its transformation into a decline, and this might increase the side effects of zidovudine.
Symptoms: You may experience hallucinations, paranoid behavior.
Treatment: gastric lavage, symptomatic treatment in hospital.
Fluconazole is mainly excreted in the urine, therefore forced diuresis leads to increased release. 3-hour hemodialysis session, approximately 50% reduction in plasma concentration of fluconazole.
A vehicle impact and mechanisms of management:
Fluconazole did not affect the ability to drive and use machines.
50 mg 10 capsules on blister; 1 blister in the box.
150 mg 2 capsules on blister; 1 blister in the box.
Storage: Store in a dry, protected from light and out of the reach of children, 15-25 ° C temperature conditions.
Shelf life: 2 years.

Pharmacy Issue: 50 mg kapsula- pharmaceutical product group II (a doctor's prescription).

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