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Neocold with orange flavour #10 sachets
With orange flavour

Drug form: Solution preparing powder in packet – 7 g.

Content of one packet: Paracetamol 500mg, ascorbic acid 50mg, coffeine 25mg, Mukaltin 50mg, Aloe dry extract 10mg;
Aiding substances: Sugar, saccharin sodium, Lemon acid, sodium citrate, orange emulsion.
Pharmacological operation: Neocold is a combined preparation, which has antipyretic, perspirative, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, weak painreliever action.  Removes weakness and feeling of fatigue.
Paracetamol characterizes painkilling, temperature lowering, weak anti-inflammatory operation. Acting mechanism is related to the in suppress of prostaglandin synthesis in heat regulation of the hypothalamus.
Ascorbic acid: increases organisms’ stability towards the infection; fills organisms’ requirement on C vitamin at time of acute viral respiratory infection.
Mukaltin: Calms coughing, covers damaged mucous membrane with thin layer, softens and dissolute dense inflammatory scurf (throat, larynx, sound yoga), hastens regeneration of damaged mucous membrane, protects inhalant nerve endings from irritation.
Aloe dry extract: It is characterized with bactericidal, antiviral, anti-inflamatory, antioxidative operation, includes biogenic stimulators.
Coffeine: Reduced filling of tiredness. At time of headache strengthens operation of paracetamol. At time of infectious diseases mobilizes organisms’ vital forces.

By oral administration  the preparation is absorbed quickly and wholly. In one hour it reaches maximal concentration in plasma.   After 0,5 hour from taking the preparation analgetic effect is revealed. Bioavaliability of paracetamol in the tissue is 80 %.  20%  of the preparation is related with plasma proteins. Half excretion period  from plasma is  2-3 hours. It is  metabolized by liver. Arising conjugals (glucuronid and sulphate) are excreted from  organism by kidneys.
Indication: Symptomatic treatment at the  time of influenza and cold, which is characterized with temperature increasing, sneezing, acute rhinitis, headache,  sore throat, and muscle ache.

• Additional sensitivity toward the component composing in the preparation.
• Diabetes mellitus.

Side effects:

• There isn’t a side effect at time of recommended doses. Sometimes allergic reaction are possible, like rash on the skin, itch, giant urticaria.
• Rarely – disorder on side of hemopoietic system.
• Overdose and long term taking of the preparation may cause functional disorder of the liver and kidney, for that there is necessary blood checking.
Safety measures:
• Preparation isn’t recommended at the time of pregnancy and lactation;
• The preparation is safely prescribed in combination with MAO inhibitor and  adrenoceptor antagonist.
• Neocold is safely prescribed at the  time of hard forms of diabetes mellitus, hard functional disorder of internal organs, hyperthyroidism, expressed atherosclerosis of coronary artery.
• It isn’t recommended  to use the  preparation with other paracetamol composing  preparations at the same time.
• At time of treatment with Neocold it isn’t permitted to use sleeping means, tranquilizer and alcohol.

Using rule and dosage: The content of the  package should be  dissolved  in a glass of hot water while stirring.
In adults: 1 packet onece a day in each 4-6 hours, but not more than 4 times during 24 hours.
Treating period isn’t recommended more that 5 days.
The preparation is especially effective at  the time of revealing first signs of influenza  and cold.
Effects on ability to drive and use machines: The preparation does not  influence on driving and usage other vehicles.

Package: 7 g. powder in one packet. 10 packets in cartoon box.
Issue: Pharmaceutical product group III( without a prescription).
Shelf-life: 2 years.
Storage conditions: Store at 15-25º C temperature in a dark, dry place and keep away from children.

In case of validity term expiration or visual survey of defects detection – the preparation using is inadmissible.

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