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Valokori-neo 25ml drops
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Paramedical mean

Application instructions

Valocor Neo


Drug form: Drops for internal use.

Composition: Tincture of valerian – 7,5 ml, tincture of hops - 5ml, tincture of crataegus- 5ml, tincture of mint – 5ml, potassium bromide – 1g, distilled water.

Pharmacological groupSedative, spasmolytic, cardiotonic action paramedical mean.

Pharmacological operation: “Valocor Neo” represents a combined preparation, which therapeutic effect is conditioned by pharmacological operation of compound components.

The preparation strengthens retain processes in cortical and subcortical structures neurons of brain, reduces reflex excitability in central parts of the nervous system, prolongs operation of sleeping pills, also reduces smooth muscle tonus of internal organs, stimulates secretion of digestion tract glands, it has cholagogic action.   

Sedative effect of “Valocor Neo” is detected well at time of heart muscle excitability and overactivity. Using small doses, a preparation characterizes tranquillizing and relaxing effect, without activity suppression.  Intake of 25-30 drops of “Valocor Neo” in the evening promotes natural sleep.

Tincture of valeriana, hop and crataegus determines sedative, cardiotonic, spasmolytic, hypotensive and analgesic operation of “Valocor Neo”.

Essential oils compounding in the tincture of mint (up to 50% menthol) irritates mouth cavity’s “cold receptors” and reflexively expands heart and brain blood vessels, removes spasm of the smooth muscles, causes sedative and weakly expressed cholagogic action.

Potassium bromide strengthens retain processes in the brain cortex, at time of CNS increased excitability it restores balance between excitability and retain processes. The effect depends on the type of nervous system and functional condition.

Long term use of “Valocor Neo” isn’t recommended without doctor’s advice.


·      Various neuroses;

·      Cardiovascular system functional disorder (sinus tachycardia, cardialgiae);


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