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Camphor alcohol 10% 50ml
  Antiseptic, local, irritating remedy

International non patent name: Camphor.
Pharmacological group: Antiseptic, local, irritating remedy.
The form of a medicine: Exterior spirit  solution.
               Camphor alcohol  -10 %.
               Camphor – 10г, Ethyl spirit 70 % - up to 100 ml.
The description:. The Colorless transparent liquid with the camphor smell. 
Pharmacological action: Camphor alcohol is characterized with local irritating, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic by action. Irritates the sensitive nervous terminations, it is reflex improves tropic of bodies and tissues;
Pharmacokinetics: Camphor alcohol at absorption through skin is partially oxidized, products of oxidation contact glucuronic acid allocated through kidneys. Other parts of a medicine in the constant form are allocated through respiratory and bilious ways.
Readings: Myositis, myalgia, osteochondrosis, preventive maintenance of bedsores.
Dosage and way of application: Externally, is rubbed into the skin 2-3 times a day. Duration of a medical course 7-10 days.
Side effects: Urticaria, irritations of skin, dizziness and headaches.
Contra-indications: The raised sensitivity against the components of a preparation, integrity infringement of an integument, propensity to spasms, eczema, dermatitis. With children - appointed with caution.
Excess of a doze: Anxiety, a tachycardia, spasms.
The form of release:A solution of dark orange color in polymeric or glass bottles of 50 ml.
The order of delivery: Pharmaceutical group III of the product - protruded without a recipe.
Validity:3 years.
Conditions of storage: To store in cool, dark place, inaccessible to children.
In case of tracking down of defects at visual inspection, application of a preparation is not admissible.

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