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Cordiamin 25% 25 ml drops
  Drops for intake


Pharmacological group:

Breathe stimulator.

АТK code:



Nicotinic acid diethylamide  - 25 gr.

Distilled water - 100 ml.

Pharmacological operation:

Stimulates the central nervous system, raises respiratory and vasculomotor stimulating centres, has direct stimulating effect on heart, does not reveal narrowing effect of vessels. It raises arterial pressure and improves heart work. 



  • Acute and chronic cardiovascular insufficiency;
  • The Asphyxia and asphyxia of newborns;
  • The Collapse;
  • The State of shock;
  • The Hypotension;
  • Sometimes, poisoning with somnolent, narcotic substances and analgesic.



convulsion of a different origin.


Pregnancy and lactation:

There are no data on safety of application in pregnancy and lactation.



In case of overdose cordiamin can cause spasms.


Interaction with other medical means:             

Cordiamin strengthens action of energizers and central nervous system stimulating means. The effect of cordiamin is reduced by phenothiazine derivatives, also para-aminosalicylic acid and some narcosis means.


Influence on drivers of cars and the personnel working with potentially dangerous installations:

Does not influence.


using rule and dosage:

The preparation is dilute in a small amount of water and take in independence of food intake;

For adults -15-40 drops on single taking 2-3 times in a day.

For children - the quantity of drops equal to quantity of years.



Hypersensibility toward preparation, convulsion.

In case of defects detection at visual survey, preparation reception is not supposed. 



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