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Solutio Castelani rubra 25 ml

Solution for external use

 Pharmacological operation: Antiseptic, anti- fungal solution for external use.



Composition: Resorcinol -2,03g, Boric acid-0,203g, Phenol- 1,016g, Fuxin-0,03g, 95% Ethanol -3,05 ml, Distilled water - about 25 ml.


Indication: Candidiasis.


Contra-indications: Аdditional sensitivity toward the components of solution.


Order of taking and dosage: The Solution is intended only for external use.

Solution is taken on damaged area 2-3 times a day.


Package: 25 ml in Orange flacon made of  glass or polymer material with Polyethylene dropper and cap.


Issue from a drugstore: group III group (issuing regime: without prescription).


Validity: 2 years.


Storage conditions: store in dark cool place.

In case of the expiry of the term of the validity or detection of defects at visual survey preparation use is not supposed.


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